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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

US Treasury Auction Schedule

Below is the tentative US Treasury Auction Schedule for the remainder of September 2010.

Security Type  Auction Date  Settlement Date
4-Week BILL Tuesday  Sept. 08  Sept. 09, 2010
13-Week BILL Thursday  Sept. 13  Sept. 16, 2010
26-Week BILL Thursday  Sept. 13  Sept. 16, 2010
4-Week BILL Monday  Sept. 14  Sept. 16, 2010
13-Week BILL Thursday  Sept. 20  Sept. 23, 2010
26-Week BILL Thursday  Sept. 20  Sept. 23, 2010
52-Week BILL Thursday  Sept. 21  Sept. 23, 2010
4-Week BILL Monday  Sept. 21  Sept. 23, 2010
13-Week BILL Thursday  Sept. 27  Sept. 30, 2010
26-Week BILL Thursday  Sept. 27  Sept. 30, 2010
2-Year NOTE Thursday  Sept. 27  Sept. 30, 2010
5-Year NOTE Thursday  Sept. 28  Sept. 30, 2010
7-Year NOTE Thursday  Sept. 29  Sept. 30, 2010
4-Week BILL Monday  Sept. 28  Sept. 30, 2010

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