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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Table of US GDP Growth - Gross Domestic Product By Quarter

Table of US GDP Growth

The US Economy measured by gross domestic product (GDP) contracted at a 1.0% annualized rate in Q2-2009. This marked the fourth straight quarter with GDP contraction that has not happened since records began in 1947.

Quarter Q4
GDP Growth % (0.2) 0.9 3.3 (0.5) (5.4) (6.1) (1.0) ??

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The Retirement Advisor Portfolios Dollar Value on 7/31/09 Change
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DJIA 12,501.52 on 1/1/2007 $8,447 (32.4%)
S&P500 1,418.30 on 1/1/2007 $919.32 (35.2%)

The Retirement Advisor Model Portfolios all began with $200,000 on 1/1/2007

At the Retirement Advisor, we have consistently advocated against “chasing” asset classes that have already risen significantly. Likewise, we also do not believe in abandoning positions simply because they have declined in value. Instead, we believe our subscribers should focus on determining their most suitable asset allocation and focusing on ensuring their portfolio meets that goal.

Our three Model Portfolios are designed to provide a framework that investors approaching or in retirement can adopt for their asset allocation. For those interested in The Retirement Advisor Model Portfolio 1 (up 10.4% YTD), studies have shown that a balanced portfolio with 50% in a broadly diversified basked of equities and 50% in fixed income, has a 98% chance of success of lasting 30 years with a 4.0% annual withdrawal rate.

The Retirement Advisor Model Portfolio 2, with about 30% in equities (up 6.8% YTD), does not have the same potential upside as Model Portfolio 1 but it allows you to retire with less volatility than Model Portfolio 1. We believe that subscribers will be able to implement a 3% per year withdrawal rate from this portfolio.

For those investors with no tolerance for the volatility of the stock market, The Retirement Advisor Model Portfolio 3 (up 2.8% YTD), provides a more consistent and relatively steady rate of return – especially when contrasted to the stocks during periods of downside volatility.

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