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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cash for Appliance Program Texas

The State of Texas will implement a mail-in rebate program to help residents replace older, inefficient appliances with new, ENERGY STAR® qualified and ultra-efficient appliances. The program is tentatively scheduled to begin in April 2010 to coincide with Earth Day activities, and will continue until funds are expended.

Eligible products include

Clothes washers
Room air conditioners
Gas condensing water heaters
Gas storage water heaters
Gas tankless water heaters
Electric heat pump water heaters
Solar water heaters
Central air conditioners
Air source heat pumps

Customers may reserve their rebates online before the program begins, and are required to provide proof of haul-away of replaced appliances. Consumers can also obtain a bonus rebate by providing proof that their old appliances were recycled through a State Energy Conservation Office partner retailer or recycling center.

Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program FAQs

Will Texas participate in the Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program being funding by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?

Yes, Texas will participate in the program.

How much funding will Texas receive?

Texas expects to receive $23,341,000.

Who is eligible for a rebate?

Consumers who purchase residential Energy Star appliances to replace older, functional appliances will be eligible.

When will this program take effect?

The mail-in rebate program will apply to eligible appliances purchased between April 16 and April 25, 2010. The 10-day period will coincide with Earth Day. Offering the program next spring will give retailers time to stock up on appliances, give the state time to select a vendor to administer the rebates, and allow ample time to inform consumers about details of the rebate program..

Will consumers be able to take advantage of this program retroactively?

No, the energy efficiency appliance rebate program will only apply to purchases made once the program officially begins.

How will consumers know when the program has begun?

The State Energy Conservation Office is working on creating a rapid notification plan to ensure consumers are aware of this opportunity. This plan will likely include retailers and other interested parties. Also, information on the program and its implementation will be posted on the State Energy Conservation Office stimulus site, as soon as it becomes available. In addition, those interested in the program can sign up for our Appliance Rebate e-mail list to be informed as soon as rebates are available.

Will replaced appliances have to be recycled?

Texas plans to include recycling opportunities of old appliances in the program design. Once finalized, details will be provided online.

Can the appliance rebate for heat pumps be used in conjunction with the federal tax credit that currently exists for the purchase of this type of appliance?

To qualify for a Federal tax credit, a heat pump must meet the energy efficiency criteria listed on this page:

It appears that the qualifying requirements are slightly higher to receive the Federal tax credit than to receive the Texas appliance rebate. It's possible that some products could qualify for the Texas rebate, but not the Federal tax credit. However, any unit that meets both sets of criteria would be eligible for both the rebate and the Federal tax credit.

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