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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Retirement Portfolios


In the fall of 2007, as the stock market was reaching its all-time record high, many individuals approaching retirement were misled on the risks of investing. They were sold a bill of goods that promised double-digit returns. They were told that yields on fixed-income securities would stay high. During that year, we started The Retirement Advisor — a totally unique investment letter that was designed for people approaching or in retirement that wanted a reliable and trustworthy newsletter to help them plan for their retirement.

The Retirement Advisor publishes three conservative model portfolios that were able to weather the bear market by using fundamental investment strategies seeking returns after inflation that enable subscribers to meet their retirement objectives. The Retirement Advisor is different from other newsletters in that it isn’t a vehicle to try and lure investors with claims of outrageous unrealistic returns. Nor is the newsletter used as a front to try and collect assets to manage money for a fee.

People subscribe to The Retirement Advisor because they want to take control of their retirement planning and they want an unbiased opinion from a source that is not trying to sell them products that earn the sellers a commission. They want a source that will educate them on various retirement strategies and help them achieve their financial goals.

We invite you to see just how well The Retirement Advisor has done by examining the newsletter. Visit our web site where you can download a free issue with instructions on how to subscribe. Subscribers are able to obtain all of our back issues at no extra cost.

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