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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Conservative Retirement Investment Portfolio

Many investors are looking for a conservative retirement portfolio, whether for themselves, or perhaps a parent or relative.

A primary goal of The Retirement Advisor is to help our subscribers achieve their financial or retirement goals in a suitable timeframe and reasonable fashion. Our Retirement Advisor Model Portfolios were constructed with that goal and one other important goal in mind: Simplicity. Studies have shown that the most effective way to save and invest for retirement is to construct and maintain a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds matched to one’s retirement needs and risk tolerances. There is no need (and in fact, this may be detrimental to your financial health) to invest in the hottest technology fund, or buy actively managed mutual funds where annual expenses could be over five times as high as low-cost index funds.

We designed our three different model portfolios for individuals who are in retirement or who are pondering retirement, taking into account 1) their current stage in life, and 2) their risk tolerance (i.e. how much risks they can incur without losing sleep at night). In presenting our three different model portfolios, we have ordered them starting with the most aggressive portfolio to the most conservative.

We designed our first model portfolio, the Aggressive Growth and Income Model Portfolio 1, for someone approaching retirement who is interested in a “balanced” approach to investing, which combines a mixture of stocks and bonds. Its 50% stock market weighting gives it the potential to increase your standard of living over time when rebalanced at key time points.

We designed our second model portfolio, the Moderate Growth and Income Model Portfolio 2, for individuals in retirement who believe sleeping better at night with less stock market volatility is worth giving up some of the potential for gains in standard of living to get lower volatility.

We designed our third model portfolio, the Conservative Capital Preservation Model Portfolio 3, for investors who invest solely in fixed income securities without any stock market exposure.

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